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August Book Haul - 8 Books

Hello everyone!

I am back with my August book haul.

So in the month of August, I only bought 8 books. I know that that doesn't seem like a lot, but last month, I bought close to 40 books and I am on a book buying ban.

Plus, I have been taking advantage of the local library, and making a note of the books/series that I want to buy and read once my ban is over.

So without further adieu, here is my book haul!

First, I bought the Lux bind ups, Lux: Beginnings, Lux: Consequences, and Lux: Opposition. I original had read the first book, Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout on my phone as a free ebook and I really enjoyed it. They had just released the new bind ups and I decided I might as well pick them up. I ended up bringing them on vacation with me and I loved them!

Next, I bought Four: A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth. I had preordered this with another book, so it didn't ship until the other book was ready, so I got it a little later than everyone else! Nonetheless, I can&…

Tag Thursday - Book Addict Tag

Hello everyone!

I am back with another tag Thursday this week! This week, I decided to do the book addict tag. This tag was created by Erica at Snogging in Sunday Books on YouTube. You can check out the original video here.

Basically, you answer yes or no to the following statements and count up your score and figure out if you are a book addict!

You ration your readingYes - when I get to the end of a really good book, I don't want it to end!You find yourself dropping character names into everyday conversation as if they're friendsNo - not really. I don't have a ton of friends who read and I feel like they would look at me weird if I started talking about characters like thatYou can't wait for the weekend because there's more time to readYes - I can finish 2-3 books in a weekend!You get a little defensive about your favourite authorsYes!You lug around a book in your bag all dayYes - Most of the time! I actually just went on vacation and brought a book when we went w…

Top 5 Wednesday - Book Spines

Hello everyone!

I am back with another Top 5 Wednesday! If you want to check it out, you can go to the Goodreads group and read more about it.

This week, the topic is top 5 favourite book spines!

5. The Program by Suzanne Young 4. No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale 3. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews 2. Let's Get Lost by Adi Alsaid 1. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

TBR Tuesday - The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

Hello everyone!

I am back with another TBR Tuesday!

Today, I am reading The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima. The basic premise of this book is that this boy named Jack is born a Weirlind, and is part of a secret magical society in modern day. However, when he was born, instead of a Wizard stone, he was implanted with a Warrior stone, in the hopes to win a fight to the death match against other Warriors.

I actually just finished this book, and I thought it was good. I gave it a 4 stars on Goodreads, because it wrapped up nicely, despite being a series.

Monday Reviews - Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Hello everyone!

I am back with another Monday Reviews! This week, I am talking about Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.

First, a brief synopsis:

The Shadow Fold, a swathe of impenetrable darkness, crawling with monsters that feast on human flesh, is slowly destroying the once-great nation of Ravka.

Alina, a pale, lonely orphan, discovers a unique power that thrusts her into the lavish world of the kingdom’s magical elite—the Grisha. Could she be the key to unravelling the dark fabric of the Shadow Fold and setting Ravka free?

The Darkling, a creature of seductive charm and terrifying power, leader of the Grisha. If Alina is to fulfill her destiny, she must discover how to unlock her gift and face up to her dangerous attraction to him.

But what of Mal, Alina’s childhood best friend? As Alina contemplates her dazzling new future, why can’t she ever quite forget him?

Glorious. Epic. Irresistible. Romance.

Wow! This book was really, really, REALLY good! I was actually surprised and how much I en…

Tag Thursday - Bookish Would You Rather

Hi everyone!

I am back with another Tag Thursday (on a Friday!) I was just so busy yesterday, I didn't have a chance to post a Tag Thursday, so hopefully you are ok with this Tag Friday!

Basically, it is just a series of questions and I just have to answer them. Let me know what your choices would be and why!

Lets get started!

Would you rather read only trilogies or only stand alones? Hmm, this is a hard one. I think that stand alones are great, but every once in a while I enjoy marathoning through a series. Then again, I like to have a stand alone to break up the trilogies a little bit. I think I am going to say stand alones, but fully developed 900 page stand alones.
Would you rather read only female authors or male authors? Again, another hard question! Okay, I think the only fair way to answer this is to look at like, my top 5 favourite books, and then decide. Hmm, ok I love anything by Rainbow, so 1 point for female, but then I loved Paper Towns and Looking For Alaska by John…

Most Anticipated Fall Releases

Hello everyone!

I thought that I would share my most anticipated fall releases that I have preordered or that I want to preorder! Lets get started!

The Opposite of Love by Sarah Lynn Scheerger

What can I say? Forbidden love, troubled backstories, great cover, it looks really good, and I'm a sucker for a good love story!

Release Date: September 1, 2014

Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes

This is being called a mix of Mean Girls and The Perks of Being a Wallflower and looks really good.

Release Date: September 2, 2014

Falling into Place by Amy Zhang

On the day Liz Emerson tries to die, they had reviewed Newton’s laws of motion in physics class. Then, after school, she put them into practice by running her Mercedes off the road.

This looks really interesting and I have heard some great things about it.

Release Date: September 9, 2014

Echoes of Us by Kat Zhang

This is the third book in The Hybrid Chronicles. I haven't read books 1 and 2 yet, but I have heard really good things and thi…

TBR Tuesday - The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

Hello everyone!

I am back with another TBR Tuesday! Today, I am reading The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. 

This is a sort of dystopian/sci-fi post apocalyptic book about a boy named Todd who is the last boy in the community, and once he turns 13, he will become a man. Years ago there was an alien attack that killed all the women and half the men and the story just follows Todd who learns that things may not be what they have always seemed.

I am almost done this book, and it is fairly good so far, I have been finding it a little hard to get into, the story is written from the perspective of Todd who can't read and this is shown with misspelled words and dialogue, with words like "reckernize"and "yer" and I am just having a hard time getting into the story because if it.

I will have to wait until the end to see what my final rating will be and if I will pick up the next books.

Monday Reviews - Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hello everyone!

I am back from my vacation and I have a review from a great book to share with you today!

Recently, I read the entire Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout because the final book just came out and I had read the first book, Obsidian as an ebook and really enjoyed it.

If you are unfamiliar with the series, here is a quick synopsis of the first book:

Starting over sucks.

When we moved to West Virginia right before my senior year, I'd pretty much resigned myself to thick accents, dodgy internet access, and a whole lot of boring... until I spotted my hot neighbor, with his looming height and eerie green eyes. Things were looking up.

And then he opened his mouth.

Daemon is infuriating. Arrogant. Stab-worthy. We do not get along. At all. But when a stranger attacks me and Daemon literally freezes time with a wave of his hand, well, something... unexpected happens. 

The hot alien living next door marks me.

You heard me. Alien. Turns out Daemon and his sister have a galaxy of ene…

Tag Thursday - Chocolate Book Tag

Hello everyone!

I am back with another tag Thursday! This week, I am doing the chocolate book tag. I am not 100% sure who created this tag, but if I find out, I will link them here.

Basically, in this tag you have different types of chocolate and match a book to that chocolate.

Dark Chocolate - A book that covers a dark topic I would say that this book would have to be The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. This book deals with the kidnapping, rape and eventual murder of a young girl. It is a pretty intense book, and a frightening read to say the least. Although I did enjoy the writing, I just don't know if I will ever reread it. White Chocolate - A light-hearted or humorous read I think that the book that is like white chocolate would be Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things To Mend by Katie Finn. This book deals with revenge but I didn't find it super heavy and it was a fast and easy read. Milk Chocolate - A book with lots of hype that you are dying to read I think that the book…

TBR Tuesday - Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hello everyone!

I am back with another TBR Tuesday! I am currently typing this out on my iPhone because I am on vacation and there is no wifi to post from my laptop, I am using 3G.

Anyways, this is just a quick TBR Tuesday. I am reading the Lux series, specifically Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I really loved the first book in the series and am currently on the second.

Do not let these horrific covers scare you, the books are so amazing!

Monday Reviews - Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend by Katie Finn

Hello everyone!

I am back with another Monday Reviews, and I am very excited about this one! I read this book a few weeks back, but it was just so good.

That book is Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend by Katie Finn and frankly that is a super long title for a book. It will now be referred to as BHFAOTTM!

Now, before I go any further, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW. You have been warned!
First, a synopsis:

Gemma just got dumped and is devastated. She finds herself back in the Hamptons for the summer—which puts her at risk of bumping into Hallie, her former best friend that she wronged five years earlier. Do people hold grudges that long? 

When a small case of mistaken identity causes everyone, including Hallie and her dreamy brother Josh, to think she’s someone else, Gemma decides to go along with it.

Gemma's plan is working (she's finding it hard to resist Josh), but she's finding herself in embarrassing situations (how could a bathing suit fall apart like …

Tag Thursday - Book Sacrifice Tag

Hello everyone!

I am back once again with another Tag Thursday post, this week it is the book sacrifice tag, which was created by Ariel Bissett. You can check out her original video here.

1. An Over-Hyped Book You Hated: Let's start this off with a Zombie Apocalypse! Let's say you're in a book store, just browsing, when BAM! ZOMBIE ATTACK. An announcement comes over the PA System saying that the military has discovered that the zombies' only weakness is over-hyped books. What book that everyone else says is amazing but you really hated do you start chucking at the zombies knowing that it will count as an over-hyped book and successfully wipe them out?!

I think that for me, the over-hyped book I didn't like was probably The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I guess I can't say that I hated it, but I felt like everyone I talked to had really loved this book and this series. I thought it was just okay, nothing special. However, I would have no problem throwing any one o…

Top 5 Wednesdays - Books With Blue Covers

Hello everyone!
I am back with another Top 5 Wednesday! If you want to check it out, you can go to the Goodreads group and read more about it.

This weeks topic is top 5 books with blue covers. Basically, I am just picking out my favourite covers that are blue! I am going to try and separate the story from the cover, and pick books based just on cover, not necessarily the story. 

Let's get started.

5. The TestingI think that the cover to Joelle Charbonneau's The Testingis so cool. Its got a funky maze and some lightening bolts and stuff, but the best part is that the actual hardcover book is SUPER shiny! Like blindingly shiny!

4. MockingjayWhat would a post be around here without a Hunger Games book! Luckily, the third and final book Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins is blue! I just love all the Hunger Games books and how all the covers match. I love the shade of blue used as well as the overall design of the cover.

3. DivergentAgain, how could I not talk about a major dystopian like Div…

TBR Tuesday - Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Hello everyone!

I am back with another TBR Tuesday, where I share what book I am reading!

I just started Delirium by Lauren Oliver this morning, and am already almost 200 pages in. I am really enjoying it so far.

If you don't know, it is about a society where it is believed that love is a disease and that people need to be "cured" of the disease. This involves a medical operation, as well as a segregated society, music restrictions, and an evaluation that determines ones spouse, number of children, etc.

It is very good so far, I am interested in seeing what will happen next, as there have been some interesting developments thus far.

Well, that's it for my TBR Tuesday this week! See you next week for another edition of TBR Tuesday!

Monday Reviews - Let's Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

Hello everyone!

I am back with another Monday Reviews. This week, I am reviewing Let's Get Lost by Adi Alsaid, which I actually read a few weeks back, when I got my preorder in the mail. Like my last preorder, it came in early, and hey, I'm not complaining! I read it in around 4 hours, it was so good!

If you are unfamiliar with the book, here is the synopsis:

Five strangers. Countless adventures. One epic way to get lost. 

Four teens across the country have only one thing in common: a girl named LEILA. She crashes into their lives in her absurdly red car at the moment they need someone the most. 

There's HUDSON, a small-town mechanic who is willing to throw away his dreams for true love. And BREE, a runaway who seizes every Tuesday—and a few stolen goods along the way. ELLIOT believes in happy endings… until his own life goes off-script. And SONIA worries that when she lost her boyfriend, she also lost the ability to love. 

Hudson, Bree, Elliot and Sonia find a friend in Leila…

July Wrap Up

Hello everyone!

Can I just say that it is CRAZY that July is already over!? Seriously where did the time go?

Nonetheless, I had an extremely successful reading month, I read 29 books. That its not too shabby, almost 1 book a day! Ok, I've got a lot of books to talk about so lets get started.

First, I read We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. I really, really loved this book. I don't want to tell you too much about it, because it really is best to go into it not knowing too much! I will however, give you the Goodreads description:

A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.A revolution. An incident. A secret.Lies upon lies.True love.The truth.Read it.And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE.

I gave this book a full 5/5 stars because I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! I did, and you really can read this book in a matter of hours!

After a susp…