Tag Thursday - Book Addict Tag

Hello everyone!

I am back with another tag Thursday this week! This week, I decided to do the book addict tag. This tag was created by Erica at Snogging in Sunday Books on YouTube. You can check out the original video here.

Basically, you answer yes or no to the following statements and count up your score and figure out if you are a book addict!

  • You ration your reading
    • Yes - when I get to the end of a really good book, I don't want it to end!
  • You find yourself dropping character names into everyday conversation as if they're friends
    • No - not really. I don't have a ton of friends who read and I feel like they would look at me weird if I started talking about characters like that
  • You can't wait for the weekend because there's more time to read
    • Yes - I can finish 2-3 books in a weekend!
  • You get a little defensive about your favourite authors
    • Yes!
  • You lug around a book in your bag all day
    • Yes - Most of the time! I actually just went on vacation and brought a book when we went walking around or we had to wait for something. My family was scared!
  • You bring books to parties
    • No - I'm not a big partier, but even so I feel like reading at a party is like texting while talking to someone. Its disrespectful, plus would it not be too loud?
  • You've read more books that seen movies in the last month
    • Yes - Are we talking theatre or like DVD? Either way, I think I saw like 2-3 movies last month and read like 20 some books!
  • You've had a "book hangover" due to sleep deprivation 
    • No - I will stay up late to read but I never stay up past 12 or 1, I know I need my sleep!
  • You've had a "book hangover" because of mind blowing awesomeness
    • Yes - There have been many a book I just couldn't get over and couldn't stop thinking about!
  • There are piles of books in every room of your house
    • No - I like to keep my books safe and in my room. I have 2 dogs and one is still a puppy and loves to chew!
  • You bring home more library books than you can actually read before they're due
    • No - I usually take out 8-10 books at a time, and I have 3 weeks to read them. As long as I plan well, I read all the books I check out before they are due!
  • Your Pinterest board is basically a visual library 
    • No - I love to cook and bake, as well as do DIY projects, so my boards are mostly about that.
  • You wear your love of reading
    • No - I have a mockingjay necklace I sometimes wear, but other than that, I have no bookish clothes.
  • You have multiple versions of the same book
    • Yes - Hey! Eleanor and Park is my favourite book, and when the special edition came out, I had to get that one too!
  • When a book ends bad you take it personally
    • No.

TOTAL: yes = 7 no = 8

If you answer yes to...10-15= YOU'RE AN ADDICT...WELCOME5-10= You have addict potential1-5=You probably aren't that addicted 

Well I guess that means I am not a book addict!

See you next week for another Tag Thursday!