Goodreads Reading Challenge - To Set or Not to Set!

Hello everyone!

Ah! We are coming to the end of another year, and thus the end of another Goodreads Reading Challenge.

Now, I only got Goodreads around the middle of January of this year, so this is my first year setting a goal for the challenge and all that jazz.

I recently read an article from Book Riot about why one Book Rioter isn't setting a goal for 2015. I highly recommend you check it out. You can do so here!

I read this article and it got me thinking about my own reading goals and the Goodreads challenge. In case you are unfamiliar, basically Goodreads has this option where you set a certain number of books you want to read throughout the year.

At the beginning of my Goodreads experience, I set my goal. A nice reasonable 50 books. That's a little more than a book a week. Totally doable right?

Well, for me, it was a little too doable. I didn't want to be done my challenge in May (which was around when I finished 50 books!) so I bumped it up.

75 books
100 books
110 books
150 books

and now, my current goal 175 books!

That is so beyond insane. And really, its not that bad, I really don't care if I complete my challenge or not, but I every time I look at my challenge, I see that little "5 books behind schedule" and I feel guilty.

I feel like I need to spend every second reading. I feel like I should not blog, or go outside, or breathe without reading a book first!

Its actually really upsetting because I love the idea of having the challenge and for it to calculate how many books I've read this year, but at the same time, it is so STRESSFUL!

So, I guess the ultimate question, will I set a goal for next year?

Probably! Ha!

What are your thoughts? Will you be setting a goal for next year?