TBR Tuesday AND Updated TBR Jar!

Hello everyone!

I am back with another long awaited TBR Tuesday! This is where I share the book I am currently reading, and the book I am going to pick up next!

I am not reading anything right now, but I will be continuing with the Reboot duology by Amy Tintera, and picking up the second and final book, Rebel.

I read Reboot a few days ago and I really enjoyed the pacing and the premise. It was very unique and refreshing, especially for a romantic-dystopian, a genre that is over-saturated as it is!

Once I finish Rebel I will be picking a book from my TBR jar! Being that this is the new year, I have slightly revamped my TBR jar. Instead of writing down all the books I need to read off my shelves, I have decided to use a guideline of sorts. This idea is sort of a mash-up of Katytastic's TBR challenge and the Popsugar reading challenge!

I combined the two lists, adding and removing some of my own ideas. Feel free to use these topics or if you are extra creative, come up with your own!

Possible TBR Jar Challenges:

  • Read a book with 500+ pages
  • Read a book with a number in the title
  • Read a 2015 debut novel
  • Read a book with a one word title
  • Read a book written by someone under 30
  • Read a book with a male author
  • Read a book someone else picks
  • Read a book based on cover only
  • Read a popular authors debut novel
  • Read a new-to-you author
  • Read a book with a female author
  • Read a book and watch its movie/TV adaptation
  • Read a book published the year you were born
  • Read a book written by an author that has your same initials
  • Read a series finale
Now that my TBR jar has been revamped, I have chosen "read a popular author's debut novel" which means after Rebel, I will be reading Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch.