Top 5 Wednesday - Friend Groups You Want To Be Part Of

Hello everyone!

I am back again with another Top 5 Wednesday! Check out the Goodreads group for more info!

Now technically, this is last weeks topic, but I didn't have my computer last week and I like this topic better than the current one, so here we go!

5. Ignite Me (Kenji)

Ok, so Kenji isn't a 'group' exactly, but he is stinkin' funny! I would love to hang out with him and just let him talk for the whole time!


4. Looking For Alaska (Miles, Lara, Chip, Takumi, and Alaska)

This gang is pretty funny, even though they face a lot of problems among them.

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3. Cress (Cinder, Kai, Scarlet, Wolf, Cress, and Thorne)

I have come to love all of these characters, however if I was to pick a favourite, it would have to be Captain Thorne! He is just so hilarious sometimes!


2. Paper Towns (Q, Ben, Radar, Lacey, Angela and Margo)

This is one of my favourite books, so of course I needed to include the gang in my list!

1. The Darkest Minds (Liam, Ruby, Chubs, and Zu)

Last, but most certainly not least, these crazy, hilarious bunch of teens, circa living in a minivan and of course minus Clancy!


So there you have it! My top 5 friend groups!