Monday Reviews - On a Friday! - You Were Here by Cori McCarthy

Hello everyone!

I am very excited to share this weeks review with you! I was sent a copy of You Were Here by Cori McCarthy for review, thanks so much Raincoast Books! All opinions expressed are my own.

This is perhaps the best book I've read this year. And believe me when I say, I don't say things like that lightly!

I cannot even begin to describe how spectacular this book was. I loved every page! The story, the illustrations, everything was amazing.

This story is told from 5 points of view, Jaycee, Mik, Bishop, Natalie and Zach. Let's just do a quick character rundown.

Jaycee: This is the main character. Her brother, Jake, died a few years earlier doing one of his signature dares/stunts. She has been struggling with this loss for many years, and each year, on the anniversary of his death, she goes to one of his favourite spots, the abandoned insane asylum and mets his old friend Mik.

Mik: While he is selectively mute, and rarely speaks throughout the entire book, we get a sense of Mik's character and feelings through the various comic-book type pages throughout the story. These give a great visualization of what is going on in the story at key points.

Bishop: His chapters are a little different, tells his story in the graffiti throughout the book. Shattered from heartbreak, Bishop is trying to move on and have fun with his new friends. He is the only one of the characters who wasn't in the town when Jake died.

Natalie: Type A Natalie is heading to Cornell in the fall, to become a new and shiny "Nat." Her on and off relationship with Zach causes some tension throughout the story, and there is one event in particular that creates many problems. Suffering from panic attacks, Natalie hids a secret that has haunted her since Jake's death.

Zach: The joker of the group, Zach is just trying to make do with his verbally abusive father and brother, as well as his twelve going on thirty little sister. He has his problems throughout the story, and his relationship with Natalie doesn't make life any easier.

Of the characters, I think I liked Jaycee the best. Her POV is in first person, so you can really get into her head!

I loved that Jaycee's journey was filled with old and new relationships, and that she was able to come to an understanding about her brother's death.

The comic and graffiti sections were wonderful. I really enjoyed the visual aspect of the story!

Although there are some freaky moments throughout this book (the insane asylum, abandoned amusement park, etc.) I was still able to read it before bed and not be terrified.

I am definitely preordering this book for when it comes out in March, and I highly, highly recommend you do as well!!

Also, the author is giving away 2 ARC copies, you can enter the giveaway here!