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Today I have a very special blog tour and review! I was given the very generous opportunity to be a part of the Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend Blog Tour, with a few of other bloggers! Thank you so much Simon and Schuster for this opportunity!

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Well, Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend by Alan Cumyn certainly was a unique book. And I think that is part of the reasoning behind the fairly low average rating on Goodreads. People just aren't used to pterodactyls. Do I think they are going to be the next vampires? No. Did I still enjoy the book? Yes!

It took a little bit for me to come to terms with the pterodactyl. I mean, there's not really too much explanation as to why he came to the school, other than "the board" thought it was a good idea. Ok, but why is a supposed to be extinct pterodactyl running around turning girls noses purple?

There were some unanswered questions, such as this one, but upon waiting and digesting this book, I think I know the reason: Magical realism. Do I think there actually was a pterodactyl at the school? I'm not sure but I do think that the pterodactyl was perhaps a metaphor for a deeper issue. Pyke, the pterodactyl (yes, I know, Pyke the pterodactyl) helped Shiels, the main character realize what she really wants in life. And no, it wasn't a pterodactyl as a boyfriend. She wanted to chose her own career path, and not let her mother decide for her. She wanted to get out of the rut with her boyfriend, who ultimately was only such because they thought that was the logical step, they fit together. They got comfortable.

I haven't read any of the other reviews for this book, so I don't really know the reasonings behind the lower ratings. But I do know that this book won't appeal to everyone. If you over-analyse, nit-pick, all those things you (and I) know we do, you won't enjoy it. Like the character in this book, you have to be willing to try something knew, shake it up a little. You're reading a book about a PTERODACTYL for crying out loud, nothing about that is normal.

So have fun with it, give your critical brain a break and just take it for what it is. A story about letting go. About trying new things. And who knows, maybe you'll learn something new about yourself on the way.

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