Hello everyone!

I am back with another book review, this week I am reviewing Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton! Thanks so much to Penguin Random House for sending me an ARC! All opinions are my own.

I knew from the first chapter, I was going to love this book. And, by the 5 star rating I gave it, you can tell that I did!

This book was wonderfully written and so very interesting! I've never read anything set in the Middle East or any of the Arabian, exotic novels that the YA genre has recently cranked out, this was my first. I can guarantee you, however, it will not be my last! This book also combines a Western, sort of cowboys and guns vibe, that I really enjoyed. I've heard some comments that people couldn't get into the book because of this cross-genre story, but I loved it!

This story was full of adventure. There weren't many moments where something wasn't happening and when that did happen, we got beautiful stories and tales of the history.

I also really loved the relationship between Jin and Amani! Amani is such an independent character, she butts heads a lot with Jin. However, I loved their friendship and, while we only got snippets, I wanted something more for them. The tension between the two is intense!

I had a sneaking suspicion about Amani, and those of you who've read it know what I'm talking about, but it was only fleeting so I wasn't let down when everything was revealed.

My only real complaint about this novel is that the ending just kind of happened. They were in the middle of something and then boom, end. That annoyed me a little bit, but some things are resolved and I suppose it wouldn't be a series if the author wrapped everything up at book one.

Anyways, perhaps one of my favourites this year, highly recommend!!