Hello everyone!

Today I am talking about another book subscription box called LitJoy CrateLitJoy Crate offers 3 types of book boxes: board books (ages 0-2), picture books (ages 3-7), and young adult books (ages 14+). Each of their boxes come curated with 2-4 book themed products that go along with a book.

The ladies over at LitJoy Crate were sweet enough to send me a young adult box for review!

The May box was called 'Lady Bandit,' and it included:

  • Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton, with a signed bookplate and little note from the author
  • A gorgeous copper necklace watch with a compass design (if you've read the book, you get the compass reference).
  • A lovely scarf that matches the book.
  • A tube of sand coloured (get it?) lip gloss 
  • A beautiful custom made notepad designed by ChickLit Designs

The book that is in each box will be a new release of the month, so June's box will have a June new release, but for this first box they wanted to go with a book that has been getting some great reviews.

I personally received an ARC of Rebel of the Sands and LOVED it, but hadn't quite been able to pick up a finished copy yet, so I was so glad to see it in this month's box! Here is the synopsis:

With the book there were some really awesome goodies. Each box typically comes with 2-4 and this box had a gorgeous necklace, a Arabian-inspired scarf, a custom notepad and a lip gloss, which I think is awesome because of the whole girl-disguised-as-a-boy thing!

All of these items were picked because they related to the book and you can tell that they weren't just thrown together. The boxes were curated by someone who read the book and picked up on the little details. I love how they actually relate to the book included!

I think a lot of times, some of these types of boxes are filled with bookish things, but they aren't necessarily related to the book included, or they aren't the highest quality. I was beyond impressed with this box and its contents!

Here is a close up of the watch necklace, is it not stunning?? I love it!

In addition to the amazing boxes these ladies put together, for every box sold, they donate a book to people who don't have access to books or to local libraries! The boxes have such amazing products and the one-for-one initiative makes splurging on a subscription box worth it!

LitJoy Crate has 4 different subscription options, 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions. The month to month subscription starts at $29.99 + shipping a box, and if you select a longer-term, you save more money per box!

They are currently shipping to the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Ireland for anywhere from $14.99 - $24.99, depending on the location! These ladies are super kind and address a bunch of other questions on their FAQ page.

Every month, the boxes are shipped out around the 20th. I'm in Canada (so international for them) and I got it within a week!

If you don't want to commit to a subscription, or you want to give a fellow book nerd a subscription gift, you can do a one month gift subscription, or send a gift card with a value of $50+ to put towards a box of their choosing! I know I would love to get a subscription to LitJoy Crate for my birthday or other holiday!

I cannot recommend this box enough! If you are thinking about subscribing to a book box, LitJoy Crate is the one to get! Check them out on Instagram to see some more photos of their gorgeous boxes and their website for more info!

Overall, if you are looking for a great book box, of the ones I've seen, LitJoy Crate takes the cake in terms of coordination and quality!