Hello everyone!

I have another week of new releases for you! Not a ton this week, but some good looking ones.

Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick

I actually picked this book up the other day at the bookstore a little bit early, and I'm very excited to read it! I read Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Quick last year and it was a very unique and different story, so I am looking forward to this one!

Beware That Girl by Teresa Toten

I remember hearing about this book a while ago, but for the life of me can't remember when or why. Regardless, it looks very interesting, "they're" calling it a book for fans of We Were Liars, Gone Girl and Girl on the Train, I know, typical for a thriller, but hopefully this one is unique enough to stand on its own.

The Language of Stars by Louise Hawes

This is another one that I thought was already out, I've been hearing a steady stream of buzz about this book but I guess it still needs to be released. Anyways, it looks interesting.

Wanderlost by Jen Malone

So this book is pretty much my worst nightmare, getting lost in a foreign place with minimal help from other people/outside resources. But luckily, it does seem to not be too bad, putting a romantic spin on what could be a terrifying (for me!) experience!

Well, that's about it for this week, like I said, not a ton of new releases this week.