Hello everyone!

I have another book review today, The Outliers by Kimberly McCreight! Thanks so much to HarperCollins Canada for sending me a copy of this book review. As always, all opinions are my own.

This book was so crazy! Even know, after I finished it, I have no idea what to think.

I don't know if the synopsis does the book justice. Yes, all that stuff does happen, but that really is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. I won't say to much because obviously this sort of book is better to go into not knowing much.

From some of the reviews this book has gotten, it seems like its a cliche, stereotypical teen crime/mystery. Maybe I just don't read a ton of the genre, because it sucked me way in. I started it at about 10 pm and could not put it down to go to bed until I finished it at 1 am. And I didn't really find it very cliched. The friend disappearing wasn't the most original plot in the world but with all the twists and turns in the storyline, and the PACING, you didn't get any time to relax.

This book has a lot of twists, and as some of the author reviews on the cover and back say, this book is fast-paced, addictive and that ending... AH I know this book just came out but I NEED book two now.

Normally, I talk a bit about the characters, but in this novel, there's not a lot to say. I think its just because the story focuses on the plot and storyline and not so much character development. Wylie, the main character, was likeable and battled her own demons. She suffers from severe anxiety and agoraphobia, since her mother died in a car accident three months before. Throughout this book, she has to overcome these fears to help Cassie.

I did find that after a while, it seemed like Wylie kind of forgot about her issues. She does some things that I don't see as being very characteristic of someone with these illnesses, but that might be she just sets those things aside to help find Cassie.

As I am reading through some other reviews, this book isn't getting the greatest of reviews. I can't really say why those people didn't like it, but I will say why I did. The pacing here was on pointe. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time the book was going on and I. COULD. NOT. PUT. IT. DOWN. There were also so many moments where I got goosebumps and the shivers, and that never happens.

Overall, the consensus I'm seeing is that if you are new to the teen crime genre, give this one a go, I think you'll enjoy it. But if this isn't your first rodeo, you may find it a little stereotypical (BUT I would still recommend it)!