Hello everyone!

I am back with another book review, today it is The Replacement Crush by Lisa Brown Roberts. Thanks so much to Raincoast Books for sending me a copy of this book for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.

This was the perfect, lighter read! There was a romance, plus lots of nerdy Star Trek references and a book blogger/bookstore aspect which made it even better.

Basically, this book was just one big swoon.

The story follows Vivian, a book blogger who loves romances, and works at her mom's bookstore while she is off writing her next big mystery novel. Vivian is just starting a new school year and is looking forward to seeing Jake, her long-time crush and the guy she's been sneaking off with for midnight kisses on the beach, and making their relationship official. However, once she gets to school, she soon finds out that it was just a summer fling, and because she didn't want to take things to the next level, he's moved on. Heartbroken, Viv decides to make a list of replacement crushes, guys who she could see herself liking, but where chemistry isn't the main connection, because she doesn't want to be burned again.

Enter the hot new McNerd, Dallas. He loves Star Trek even more than Viv does, and has just moved to the small, beach town. The two don't officially meet until after school at the bookstore, where Viv learns that her mom has hired Dallas to update their old index card system to a computerized catalog. Viv definitely feels sparks with Dallas, but that's exactly what she is trying to avoid, and refuses to put him on her list of crushes. But Dallas soon starts to show feelings for Viv, threatening to destroy her entire mission.

I absolutely adored this book. The characters were so great and I loved the romance.

One of my other favourite aspects of this book was the fact that Viv was such a bookworm. We got glimpses of her blog, and insight into her world as a blogger and reviewer. I think the author did a great job representing her, and I especially loved the way I, as a blogger and reviewer, could relate to her. She held a bookclub for a group of ladies and it was just such fun seeing books being experienced in daily life.

The romance itself was great. I knew they were going to end up together from the beginning, so there was never that concern of insta-love, it was just kind of expected. But I loved that since it was clear *eventually* things would work out, I could focus on the little details, the way he knew exactly what smoothie she would like, the way she blushed when he talked about certain things, I was basically squealing with feels for at least half of this book. Even when things were going downhill, of course there had to be a conflict, I was so hopeful that things could work out. They liked each other so much, and they were so perfect for each other, I couldn't see things going any other way.

I also loved that while this book was a little cheesy in the romance, the characters and storyline was never too stereotyped or cliched. Like Dallas was a hot nerd, but he drove a Vespa, when he could have just as easily driven a motorcycle (although, in this case, I don't think I would have complained). And he was a star cellist, not a pro-sport player. And with Viv, her mom is dating a guy who has a son, Toff, who pretty much flirts with anything that moves. There was the opportunity for some weird, not-quite-step-sibling-romcance, but thankfully, they regarded each other more like brother and sister than anything else.

I also appreciated the slightly serious aspects to the novel, both Dallas and Viv realize how much their antics have hurt other people around them, and Jake, Viv's crush from the beginning is constantly lurking in the background, ready to make Viv wish she never told anyone about him practically forcing himself on her when she would do what he wanted. They weren't huge parts of the story, but they made it more real, not just a fluffy romance filled with rainbows and love.

I will say that one of the main things I didn't like about this book was Viv's best friend Jaz. She is constantly running her mouth and sharing things that Viv doesn't really want spread around. I'm not sure she can keep anything to herself, and while she was okay in the beginning, really got on my nerves as the book progressed.

I would love to see a spin-off book, coming back to these couples, especially Amy and Toff? Maybe, if they decide to see where things go? Nothing is really wrapped up for them in this book, but I would love to see what the future holds for them.

Overall, this is a great romance that is perfect for bookworms and fans of a romance that gives all the feels.