Hello everyone!

I am back with another review, today it is Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin.

First off, I just want to say that I don't know how I feel about this book.

I mean, I enjoyed it, but I'm just left feeling, I don't know, I guess let down.

All the blurbs on this book say that it is so fast paced, you're constantly flipping pages wanting to find out what's going to happen. But I think I only got a little bit of that.

Basically, this is the story of what Germany would be like if Hitler won the war and was still alive. A girl, Yael, a former Jewish prisoner, escaped from her bunker and made her way around the streets, stealing and scraping by. Then she is met be a man who is part of the resistance. Soon she starts training to become the one to kill Hitler and dismantle his regime. Yael has a gift, or a curse, depending on how you look at it. She was part of an experimental group, Patient Zero of a drug that was supposed to change anyone's appearance into that of Hitler's ideal, the Aryan race. But things didn't go exactly as planned, and Yael can change her appearance into anyone, if she knows what they look like.

Yael's big moment arrives when she is told to become Adele Wolfe, a winner of the annual motorcycle race across Japan and Hitler's conquered territory. She is to win the race, and then at the celebratory ball, kill Hitler in front of all the cameras. This is to be the signal to tell all other resistance members to move into action.

However, there are some unexpected events, Luka, Yael's competitor and apparently Adele's former love interest, as well as Felix, Adele's twin brother who has decided to enter the race to save his sister and bring her home.

This book switched back and forth from then, mainly Yael's time at the death camp and then later her time training with the resistance, as well as now, her journey across the continent to win the race.

I found the race itself the most action packed, but the background info is also so important to give context to what life under Hitler would be like.

I am excited to read the second book, just because this book does end on a bit of a cliffhanger, not too crazy, but enough for me to want to read the sequel.

Overall, an interesting read about what history could have been like.