I went back and forth as to whether or not I should write a review about this book. I bought it myself, so there wasn't any pressure from publisher, etc. but I have a hard enough time reviewing non-fiction, let alone non-fiction I read by choice, for my own enjoyment. But I decided to write a review about this book, less in a critical sense, and more in an "I read this book for fun" sense, if that makes any sense.

Hello everyone!

If you are not familiar with Rhett and Link, you need to remedy that immediately. They are most notably known for their daily YouTube show Good Mythical Morning and are iconic for remaining best friends since elementary school. While I have been a fan and fairly religious watcher of their show for about 3 years now, I will admit, I was skeptical about this book. Really, what else was there that I needed, or wanted, to know about these two that they hadn't already talked about on the show. As it turned out, there was a lot I didn't know I wanted to know.

The book recounts the story of how their friendship developed, the shenanigans they were a part of growing up, college, meeting their respective wives, how GMM came to be. While these topics may seem benign and ordinary, Rhett and Link tell them in extraordinary ways. Through text, comics, graphics, quizzes, games, photos and guest-written appearances, Rhett and Link share not only their life story but ways to be more Mythical in your life.

I was shocked at how well the voices of each of the narrators came through. They use a collective narration for a large portion of the book, but there are sections where Rhett and Link are talking individually. Despite the helpful tabs to show who is who, I was able to hear their voices shine through. It was as though they were narrating the book for me.

Now, I mentioned at the beginning that this wasn't going to be a critique, so excuse me if it seems like I'm rambling on about how good this book is. But like their show, Rhett and Link have somehow captured the positivity and connectivity that they exude on the show and have put it in this book. I found myself laughing along with their antics, smiling with their heartfelt recollections of falling in love with their wives, and experiencing a bittersweet goodbye when the book came to an end. This may all sound cheesy but frankly, I don't care. In a world so full of negativity, it was nice to sit down and enjoy a little bit of light-hearted fun, and I think that is what makes them and the show so popular.

Overall, I do believe that whether you are a dedicated fan or if you are someone who has just stumbled upon this book, you will truly enjoy the stories Rhett and Link tell and will find yourself trying to make your life a little bit more mythical.