After re-reading the core duology and reading the prequel duology, it's time to talk about the duology that comes after the end of The Program. This new book, chronologically after the ending of The Program treatment, deals with the aftermath of The Program and how it is affecting society, despite its demise.

Hello everyone!

I am back with my final (for now) review from this series, book 3, The Adjustment by Suzanne Young.

The story once again follows two new main characters, Tatum and Weston. Tatum never went through The Program, but her boyfriend, Wes, did. When he comes back, he's like every other returner - blank. He has no memory of Tatum, no matter how much she had hoped their love would weather this storm. As she works to find ways to remind him of their relationship, the rest of the returners are having troubles adjusting to their new lives, with varying stages of memory loss and rehabilitation. Word of a not exactly sanctioned 'cure' for the returners, The Adjustment, spreads. Memories can be restored through a donation of others who experienced those moments. But as the death toll rises, some begin to wonder if The Adjustment is really the best solution or if it is just as detrimental as The Program.

As someone who loved the original books, I was really excited to be back in that world. The prequel books do take place there as well, they just feel different. But this book was set at a school much like Sloane and James's and I enjoyed the parallels. I also really loved the mentions of other characters throughout the series, as well as the inclusion of some of them in this book. I wasn't expecting to see them so it was a pleasant surprise.

I think, especially after reading the whirlwind that was The Epidemic, this book seemed a little bit slow. I didn't feel as connected to the characters as I did in other books and I found that I didn't really care as much as to what was going on in their lives. I liked the story, I just didn't love the characters. And I think it's hard to follow the adventure of The Epidemic, no matter what the storyline is.

I had a hard time picturing Wes and Tatum together - I don't know if there was a lingering doubt as to what was going on and I just could see them together or if I was just so busy keeping Sloane and James's and Quinn and Deacon's relationships straight and in my mind.

While I suppose the whole book talked about what happened after The Program, I almost wish there was more about what had happened with The Program itself. I know there is an ebook that is book 2.5 so maybe that has more details, but I found that there was a quick breakdown of what happened and then we were right into this story. There were general comments, but no explicit this was what happened, which was kind of what I was expecting.

Overall, this one was definitely not my favourite of the series, but I am hopeful that the final book will pull everything from all the series together nicely!