After really enjoying the original Lux series a few years ago, and then feeling kinda meh about the most recent book in that series from Daemon's POV, I was excited but hesitant to see where this book would take the series.

Hello everyone!

I am back with another review, The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

This book follows seventeen-year-old Evie Dasher, the daughter of Sylvia and Jason Dasher from the original series. In the years since the invasion, the Luxen have more or less integrated with society. They have to register themselves with the government but otherwise, they are like the humans. However, when girls at Evie's start turning up dead with their eyes fried out - a sign of electrocution (and Luxen) - people become increasingly concerned about their powers. When Evie meets Luc, she knows what he is - a Luxen - but also a jerk. While she tries to keep her distance it turns out that Luc knows her - knows her family and her past - perhaps even better than she does. As the secrets of her life begin to unravel, Evie doesn't know who she can trust.

Alright so anyone who isn't new to this series can probably guess what will happen in this book, at least in terms of characters and romance. HOWEVER, that's where you'd be wrong... mostly. I was extremely pleasantly surprised with the way Armentrout set this book up - especially considering her past books that mainly focused on a hot, macho jerk who sweeps the innocent, unknowing girl off her feet and they fall madly in love at first sight. We get an echo of that in this book but it is much more toned down. Which, if I'm being honest, I really appreciated. I think my tastes have shifted since I read the original series and when I read Daemon's book, I wasn't really a fan anymore of that sort of over-bearing romance. Luckily, in this book that gets cleaned up a bit - and in fact, in terms of steaminess, we don't even get much more than a couple of make-out sessions.

I really liked Evie, everything in her life was falling apart around her and she didn't immediately dismiss it to hang out with Luc. She tried to work through her problems and emotions, even when she couldn't really. She was definitely unaware of some things but that was more a result of circumstance than a character trait. I also liked Luc - he was a good male lead without being too overbearing and possessive - like what I remember a bit with Daemon. Of course, there are some characters from the original series that make some cameos in this book, and I'm hoping we'll see more of that in book two!

Plot-wise, things seemed a bit peripheral in terms of what the actual plot was and what was happening with Evie and her life. The whole murdered girl thing didn't really come into play until the end and I almost feel like we didn't need it? I don't know, without it I guess it would have just been a fluffy romance, the fear and murder grounded the story a bit I suppose.

Overall, is it a bit trope-y? Are there some unnecessary moments? Sure, but this was an entertaining read and I think fans of the Lux series will enjoy it!