After reading the first book, I wasn't sure I wanted to continue this series. I liked book one, but it wasn't amazing to me. Luckily, this one seemed like a standalone in its own right and I was able to get into it a lot quicker.

Hello everyone!

I am back with another book review, A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi.

This story follows Gauri, Maya's sister from the first book, as she is imprisoned in a neighbouring community facing execution. When Vikram, the Fox Prince, offers to free her in return for her participation in the Tournament of Wishes as his partner, she figures she has nothing to lose. In a series of trials and events, the two work towards winning the tournament where they will be granted a wish. While working to win their wish, Gauri and Vikram realize that there is more to be feared than losing everything - it's the growing desires between them that prove to be most dangerous.

I really liked Gauri - I don't really remember if she was in the first book but I did like her in this one. She was a brash, strong-willed character that I loved rooting for. She was very aware of her surroundings and I really loved how she developed as a slightly softer character at some points. Vikram was even more, ahem, likeable. I loved the dynamic between the two of them and it felt a little like an enemies-to-lovers situation at times, which, hello, is my favourite trope.

Plot-wise, this book also felt very Alice in Wonderland-ish, as did the first one. I really liked the challenges/trials the characters had to go through, though some times they felt a little too, formulaic, I suppose, is the best way to describe it. There were times when I just wanted to relish in the banter of the characters, but then next thing you knew they were being whisked away into another challenge. I didn't dislike that component, I just would have loved to see even more interactions between the characters.

I don't think I would call this a sequel, I think it was marketed as a companion novel, which fits better. In all honesty, I would rather just read this one instead of this one after book one, because I think I liked this one more than that one, but I know some people don't like reading out of order or not as a series.

Overall, a really good book and it has made me look more into reading more from Chokshi.