Despite the somewhat lower ratings of this book, I ended up really loving it - although, I can see why some people may have had issues with it, especially the ending.

Hello everyone!

I am back with another book review, Social Misconduct by S.J. Maher. Thanks so much to Simon and Schuster Canada for sending me a copy of this book, as part of the Thriller Chronicles promotion, for an honest review, as always, all opinions are my own.

Told in two timelines, this book follows Candace, a young woman who works as a click-driver for a social media marketing company. When she is offered a chance to work on a new project - along with a shiny new iPhone - she jumps on the chance. Even if it is to help sell Cheese of the Month subscriptions. Candace soon finds herself the target of an online harasser who has managed to hack her phone and has been posting risque photos on her behalf. The second timeline jumps to after an incident that leaves Candace on the run from the police and living in her sister's storage locker, her phone at the bottom of the Hudson River.

**Trigger Warning: This book deals with a lot of heavy issues including mention of rape/date rape, sexual harassment, sex work, and extreme violence/killing. While they are often only briefly mention, please proceed with caution. I won't be discussing these topics in the review.**

Despite not having clear markings, I thought the timeline component was a really important aspect of the book and it really made me keep reading (as if I wasn't hooked enough by the story itself!). Each chapter alternated with present and recent past, and while I was able to put together some of the pieces that connected them, Maher did a good job of building up to the incident where everything shifted.

I will warn you now, if you are not a fan of ambiguous endings, you probably won't like this book - or at least it's ending. While we don't really find out what happened, there are a few different options provided for the reader to choose from and accept as an explanation. Despite this, I still found the ending to be fairly satisfying, I don't always necessarily need to have my hand held while every motive is explained.

While I have a lot of love for this book, there were some issues I had with it. I never got a good read on Candace, especially as the story progressed, and I would have liked to know a bit more about her. There were times when the story got really dark for no real reason, other to add shock value. It also was less about the issues of social media and more about the ability of someone to hack into anyone else's phone - which is fine, but the book wasn't marketed that way.

Overall, though, I did still devour this book and would recommend it if you are looking for a different sort of thriller.