Even though I really enjoyed this book, I still think I liked Royals/Prince Charming just a little bit more. Still, this was an adorable royal romance in its own right.

Hello everyone!

I am back with another book review, Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins.

This book follows Millie, who, after finding her sort-of best friend/sort-of girlfriend kissing someone else, decides to attend a year of school in Scotland. She needs a change of scenery fast and the acceptance at a prestigious school in the Highlands fits the bill. The school is gorgeous and Millie is completely swept up in everything. The only downside - her roommate, Flora, whose a total princess - and the actual princess of Scotland. Millie and Flora butt heads on everything, until they don't. And soon Millie finds herself with another sort-of best friend/sort-of girlfriend.

I really enjoyed the first book in this series (really, more of a companion novel) and was excited to jump back into the Scottish Highlands and the royal drama! While this book is a lot different plot-wise from the first one, you still got that royalty romance feeling, which I really loved.

While I do have some minor issues with the story overall, I can't disagree that it was a sassy, sweet, sapphic romance story that turns the old "falling in love with a prince without knowing it" cliche on its head. I enjoyed the dynamic between Millie and Flora - it was bordering on an enemies-to-lovers situation, which if you've been here for a bit, you know I love. I would maybe have liked a bit more fleshing out of the characters and backstory but really, this is a fairly light romance book so that might have dragged things down a bit.

Overall, I enjoyed this one and would highly recommend it even if you haven't read the first book!