While I've jumped around a bit on my reading of this series - although, to be fair, I would argue they can be read as standalone novels - I am just now getting around to picking up the first book, the tale of Snow White's evil stepmother. Only, she doesn't start out so evil.

Hello everyone!

Following the Queen, this book explores the upbringing and early days of Snow White's stepmother, before she became the old hag who poisons her stepdaughter. Resented by her father, the Queen grew up hearing that she was ugly and worthless. When the King took interest in her after the death of his first wife, her father told her she must have enchanted the King, for he would never choose to marry a peasant girl. For many years after they married, the King and Queen were happy. But when the King died, so did a part of the Queen - and she turned that grief into anger and jealousy... and this is where the traditional tale of Snow White begins.

I'm not as intimately familiar with the story of Snow White as I was some of the other retellings I've read in this series so I didn't find the story too tedious - sometimes, when I read the others I was able to pick up pieces of the movie/original story almost verbatim, which was fun but just made me want to watch the movie. That might be the case here, as well, but as I said, I'm not THAT familiar with the exact wording of the story of Snow White.

Being that this is technically the first book in the series, I was happy to see the "Odd Sisters" were explained. They pop up in the other books, and while you can piece together who they are, it is so much better actually seeing their origins than guessing at how they are related to the story.

Overall, a solid retelling and I'm looking forward to getting into the other books in the series that I've skipped over!