The enemies to lovers trope is a classic in rom-coms, and a personal favourite of mine, and this book does it so, so well.

Today I am back with another review, today I am talking about a new favourite of mine, The Hating Game by Sally Thorne!
This book follows publishing house coworkers Lucy and Joshua. Forced to share an office together as co-Assistants to the co-CEOs, the two have been playing office games to pass the time - and build their hatred for one another. But when they are confronted with their biggest game yet, the Promotion Game, Lucy knows she can't let Joshua beat her and become her boss. She'd sooner resign and give up her dream of making editor. As the two fight for the promotion, they realize that maybe they don't hate each other, maybe that was a game, too.

As far as characters go, I really enjoyed Lucy and Joshua, although, maybe a bit more Lucy. She is sweet and caring, and super passionate about what she does. And even though this eventually turns into a romance, I was really happy with how she had some personality outside of being the love interest. There's some backstory with her family, and she has a Smurf obsession that is kind of adorable.

I liked Joshua as well, and I was glad to see the distribution of hatred a bit more evenly spread between the two of them, a lot of these types of stories, the guy hates the girl for longer/some inexplicable reason. It was nice to see the two of them be on (mostly) the same page.

I would have loved to see Joshua's perspective in addition to Lucy's, but I'm learning that most of these rom-com type books are mostly from one perspective. I think it would have been great to see what Joshua was thinking!

Overall, I quite enjoyed this one and am looking forward to more from Thorne.