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Review Policy
If you are an author, representative or publisher and would like me to read and review your book, please be aware that I read mostly young adult, new adult and adult fiction, but I am open to many genres within these groups.

Be sure to include the title, genre, and expected publication date in review requests. My schedule is fairly tight but I will do my best to work with your timeline and try to read and review books within 6-8 weeks of my receiving them.

Although I prefer a physical copy of the book, I will also accept electronic copies.

All reviews will be posted on the Ryley Reads blog, as well as the Ryley Reads Goodreads account. Goodreads reviews usually go up whenever I have finished the book, unless it is still a substantial amount of time until it is released. Reviews posted on the blog are done so at a time mutually agreed upon.

Please remember that in order to provide fellow readers with the best feedback on a book, I ensure that every review I write is from my own honest opinion, regardless if the book was given to me or I purchased it. This means that I may not enjoy your book. Please know that I cannot love every book and appreciate the opportunity to read it, no matter how I end up liking it. Any negative feelings towards the book are purely a critique of the work and do not have a personal basis of the author.

All requests can be submitted to me through email at

Thanks for taking the time to reach out and I try to respond to every email in a timely manner!