I have had the distinct honour to have my photos, bookshelves, reviews, and other content featured in bookish websites and blogs - listed below are these instances. Thank you to all those with whom I have worked and to those who have shared my love of reading with others!

If you are interesting in featuring me or my content, please contact me for more information. Also, please note that if you would like to use any of my content on your postings, I would appreciate a courtesy email to let me know so I can add it to this list.

Featured In
December 2018 - Blog Content Feature
She Reads. @ryleyreads' top reads of 2017 by Ryley Reads/She Reads Editors.

October 2017 - Review Feature
University of Minnesota Press. Ryley Reads: 'A gritty, real crime novel' by Ryley Reads/U of M Press.

May 2017 - Bookshelf Feature
The Literary Llama. A Celebration of Home Libraries! by Dayle (The Literary Llama).

January 2017 - Blog Content Feature
The Dark Side. Q&A: Ryley Reads Interviews Ruth Ware by Ryley Reads/Simon & Schuster.

May 2016 - Blog Content Feature
Maximum Pop! Reviewer Roundup: ‘The Square Root of Summer’ “was just a genuinely fantastic book.” by Sarah Clare

April 2016 - Photo Feature
Bustle. 6 Matt De La Pena Books Every YA Lover Should Read While Waiting For Superman by Sadie L. Trombetta.

Blurbed In
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